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tatiana ♥
9 April
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I love you for:

I love you for Sticking up for me when no one else would. You gave me a sense of protection that one one else ever has given to me before.

I love you for Holding my hand in the 750 thousand degree weather. Because our sweaty hands showed to everyone that nothing could break us up. Not even nature.

I love you for telling your friends you love me. For not being afraid to tell people that im with you.

I love you for smiling at me and lifting my spirits whenever they’re down. because you always told me you wanted to know what made me smile.

I love you for sending me messages during all hours of the morning because you know they’d wake me up and make me happy.

I love you for climbing tree’s to find me the perfect flower in the rain…because you knew id love the flower and a wet you even more.

I love you for coming to my house dressed nicely because you care what I think of you.

i love you for having an amazing sense of humor and knowing how to deal with mine because not everyone can

And I love you for being proud of me. You are always confident when you are around me because you know that any guy would be lucky to have me.

I love you for opening up to me. Even though it took you a while and you told me it wasn’t in your character

I love you for being confident in yourself and smelling nicely because you know that’s what I look for in guys.

But most of all I love you for just being you, for not being afraid to be myself around you, and for everything you have ever done for me. And because I never thought Id find anyone so perfect with so many flaws.